Scanning technology

Why Chiropractic Care

At Adaptive Chiropractic CBD, we use Insight Scanning Technology to accurately assess and analyse our clients, which allows us to precisely diagnose spine problem areas and track progress throughout the treatment plan.

Your initial consultation with your Melbourne chiropractic specialist will include the following three scanning technologies:

Neuro thermal scan

The NeuralTherm Scanner performs thermal readings along the paraspinal muscles using infrared sensors. The body’s temperature controls can be affected by pressure and tension in spinal nerves and studies have shown that changes in temperature along the spine can directly relate to how well organs function. Measuring the subtle changes in temperature allows the chiropractor to see how well nerves are supplying different organs, glands and vessels.

Static EMG scan

Static and Dynamic Surface Electromyography (sEMG) uses two sensors that lightly touch the skin along your spine to measure nerve signals to your muscles. If the signals are too strong (hypertonic) or too weak (hypotonic) the scans will be able to detect them. Muscles which are overworked or underworked can affect proper posture and alignment. These scans can be a powerful way to help monitor progress and helps determine the right technique to treat your symptoms.

Pulse Wave Profiler

The Pulse Wave Profiler (PWP) measures the impact of stress on your nervous system through readings of Heart Rate Variability (HRV). This allows to determine how well your body responds to stimuli. It is a widely used test in cardiology and exercise physiology and shows how your body handles lifestyle stresses. PWP gives us an accurate reading on how much “reserve” you have to keep up with daily demands (adaptability) and lets us also track how well you are recovering from care.