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Who doesn’t like spring?  Cold winter days are behind us and the weather is warm, but there is no scorching heat that is characteristic for the summer. We’re usually lazy in winter and all we want to do is to go back home from work and watch our favourite TV show with a cup of hot tea or chocolate in our hands. We don’t move much and as a result, we gain weight. When the spring is about to arrive, you want to look your best and lose those pounds that piled in wintertime. Getting your body ready for the spring or a casual weekend getaway isn’t that difficult. Follow tips listed below.

1. Go out

The very last days of winter tend to be quite warm and it’s your opportunity to go out for a walk. This will get your endorphins going and gradually get you back into the mood to get healthy and build momentum to start jogging. Also walking is a great way to get your body to start burning some fat!

2. Drink lemon water

Ideally, you should have some lemon water first thing in the morning, and sip on it during the day. Why? It’s because it will help you stay hydrated while regulating your appetite at the same time. Also, lemon will de-bloat the body and get rid of excess water.

3. Eat your veggies

Winter is usually the time of the year when you allow yourself to indulge in the comfort food. But, winter’s slowly going away and you should start introducing more fruits and vegetables to your diet. Ideally, you should buy different varieties of vegetables and incorporate them in at least two meals a day. Also, instead of chips and French fries, you should eat healthier snacks like carrot sticks, apples, oranges, and so on.


High intensity internal training or HIIT is just what you need to burn fat at a faster rate. This training will help you sculpt your body and work different muscle groups at the same time.

5. Try fasting!

I am a huge fan of intermittent fasting- I see it more as a lifestyle more so than a “diet”. Even if you go 16 hours without food you can start to reap some of the benefits- increased fat burning, brain function increases, increases in muscle growth. I will be posting more about this next month.


In order to get ready for spring it’s necessary to start small to reinstate the healthy habits. Start walking, then graduate to jogging and make sure you eat less comfort food, but more produce. Couple these healthy lifestyle choices with regular exercise, and your body will be ready for spring before you know it.