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Kombucha is an incredibly healthy probiotic beverage made from sugar, tea, and a SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast). It’s usually referred to as Kombucha mushroom tea, but it’s important to point out that Kombucha isn’t a mushroom. Instead, it’s a colony of yeast and bacteria. The beverage is associated with a wide spectrum of health benefits that make it one of winter essentials.

How long has it been around for?

Although it might seem like one of the newest trends to most people, Kombucha has been around for a long period of time. It is assumed that Kombucha originated in China about two thousand years ago! The very first record about the consumption of this beverage dates back to 221BC when Tsin Dynasty ruled this region. Back then, the drink was referred to as the tea of immortality.

Besides China, Kombucha was widely consumed in Russia and Japan. In fact, Japanese were the ones to name this beverage in 415AD. From Russia, Kombucha spread to other European regions such as Denmark, Prussia, Poland, and Germany.

Health benefits of Kombucha

As mentioned above, Kombucha is associated with various health benefits that make it the ideal beverage for cold winter days when the immunity weakens thus making the body more prone to viruses and infections.

Even though the effects of Kombucha on one’s health are poorly studied, there is still scientific data that goes in favor of regular consumption of this drink. For instance, teams of scientists at the University of Latvia analyzed benefits of the beverage and published results in the Journal of Medicinal Food. They discovered the following health benefits:

  • Detox – Kombucha has a tremendous detoxification potential that also includes counteracting liver cell toxicity
  • Digestion – high antioxidant level in this tea fights free radicals that negatively affect digestive system. Furthermore, it contains high levels of enzymes and probiotics that are essential for healthy digestion
  • Energy boost – the drink’s ability to boost energy levels is assigned to formation of iron that is released from the black tea during fermentation. Kombucha also consists of Vitamin B complex and caffeine which have energizing properties
  • Immunity – this beverage has the ability to modulate and strengthen the immune system. The improvement of immunity is usually due to antioxidant properties. Kombucha prevents oxidative stress and immuno-suppression. High levels of Vitamin C fight inflammatory diseases, cell damage, tumors, and overall depression of immune system. This way, the person is more likely to get flu, cold, or catch some other viruses present during wintertime
  • Weight loss – cold temperatures slow down the metabolism, people spend a lot of time indoor and eat more. All these factors lead to weight gain. One of major benefits of Kombucha is the fact it boosts metabolism and limits fat accommodation. Faster metabolism coupled with improved digestion is a good recipe for weight loss and weight management.


Kombucha has been around for thousands of years and it’s praised for its marvelous health benefits. It’s a type of beverage you would want to have around, especially during winter when your immune system is weaker than usual. Kombucha offers multiple health benefits including weight management, improved digestion, stronger immune system, and many others. Check out your local health food shop to buy some now!